Demystifying Pornography And How It Is Dealt With Around The World And Particularly In Japan And Korea

Are you someone who is addicted to porn and finds it tough when you don’t get a movie you have been looking for? If so, then you need not worry whether the porn industry is continuously increasing. The options are increasing every hour. With the internet getting widely accessible worldwide, things are only becoming easy, especially when you talk about porn. It is probably the easiest of things nowadays to find one sitting in your room.

Gone are the days now when you had to visit a cyber cafe in your locality or nearby place and take a computer for an hour or two only to entertain yourself with the bombastic videos on Wwwxxxcom but all that with a lot of fear that you don’t get caught watching porn with people around. Things are now a lot more easy and convenient, with countless pornography websites available on the web for people to visit and watch anytime and anywhere they desire.

Brilliant Porn

Pornography in numbers

With human life becoming so stressful and with plenty of lonely souls sauntering the Earth, it was the year 2022 that has become the very year of Pornography with about 75 GigaByte of data streamed every second. Just in case you are wondering, it roughly translates to filling a storage volume of bout 175 million 16 GigaByte iPhones.

Are you now starting to wonder what are the top-10 countries when it comes to watching porn? Well, there you go. Here’s presenting you with the list of top-10 countries which top the list when it comes to watching Pornography.

Top 10 Pornography Watching Countries across the World

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. India
  4. Canada
  5. Germany
  6. France
  7. Australia
  8. Italy
  9. Brazil
  10. Mexico

Most searched terms- Globally

As mentioned, it was the year 2022 that became the year of porn, and going by the stats, if one asks what’s the most explored terms on pornography sites with the likes of Pornhub and NaughtyAmerica, it was ‘lesbian.’ To one’s surprise, it was very popular amongst the female viewers. The viewers are now also exploring the porn coming from Japan and other eastern countries with wwwxxxcom. This all was followed via searches on the ‘celebrity sex videos’ and tapes based on ‘son and step mom’.